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Delivering our Sheet piling expertise for the one of the country’s largest construction companies, Shapoorji Pallonji, in Cochin

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Completion of 2 Million m3 of dredging and reclamation for Reliance Industries, who trusted us with this crucial work for their new power plant in Hazira.

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With a 40 year old legacy built by our late Founder Chairman Shri Bopanna Hanumantha Rao and Founding Managing Director Dr. Meka Vijay Paparao, Amma Lines has over decades executed projects around India to the satisfaction and relief of many clients

Our services

Experience our services and products across a wide range of categories


Pre & Post Trenching

A crucial activity for marine pipelines, trenching is an art wherein one has to dredge within a very small width of a few metres, over a length of kilometres. This takes precision. It also takes places within the wave break area, thereby making it difficult to dredge with conventional dredging equipment therefore innovation is crucial. Meka Dredging has done several trenches for its sister companies Amma Lines & Meka Infrastructure.


Non-explosive Rock Dredging

Over the years, we have continuously been innovating and finding better ways to work with our environment. We have been able to execute innovative dredging solutions without explosives and have dredged rock near a Marine Park, thereby not disturbing marine life while delivering the project ssuccessfully.


Rock Dredging

Rock Dredging is one of the hardest and most tricky of dredging works. Based on the nature of the rock, SPT values, and environment around – be it marine life to buildings, jetties and marine structures, one has to be extremely cautious as rock dredging involves drilling and blasting with explosives and then removal. Meka Dredging has decades of vast experience in executing Rock dredging works.



Reclamation of land is a crucial project activity, wherein land is reclaimed for the purpose of improving land and increasing the useable area of the project. Meka Dredging has reclaimed hundreds of acres across India for its clients, thereby increasing the land value at a very low cost.

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Capital Dredging

Capital Dredging by its definition means dredging for the first time. These projects are complex as the nature of the soil, current, siltation, hydrodynamics are mostly unknown and provide for challenging issues. Meka Dredging has completed over 9 Million m3 of capital dredging in a short span of time.

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Maintenance Dredging

Maintenance Dredging takes place at existing ports and jetties, wherein there is a continuous need for the berths to be used. Being able to manage the dredging operations, movement of the dredging fleet, while still giving priority to ships is a difficult but important task. Meka Dredging has completed dozens of maintenance dredging works over the years with its fleet of marine dredging equipments.


Experience our services and products across a wide range of categories


Experience our services and products across a wide range of categories

We are Working With

We enjoy working for our clients as much as they enjoy working with us. Here’s a brief list of some of them.

Why Us

Why we stand out from the rest

Professional and responsible

Our team of professionals who have worked together for decades have a beautiful system of working and understanding with each other and that harmony in work can be seen by our clients and the work we do.

Always available

As our work is 24/7, we are always reachable to both our sites and our clients. We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project or our works.

Innovation Led Approach

Founded by a Nuclear Scientist, it is but natural that Innovation is in our DNA. With an innovation led approach, we are able to deliver projects faster, better and cheaper to our clients.

Project done on time

Time is money. And no one understands that better than us. Since we have all capabilities in house in all our businesses, we design and execute with our own teams with our own equipments allowing for faster execution and on time completion.